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GOD I FINALLY FINISHED MY DAMN MAIN CODING. I still gotta add all the bits and bobs, but I’m officially set up for doubt at Gakkyuu-Iinchou!!! I’ll be unfollowing doubt blogs on here and I’ll keep her exploits in the group to that blog unless anything interesting happens, so I hope that things’ll be alright~

ALTHOUGH… IM POSTING THIS SUPER LATE… to tell the truth I’m gonna be busy all tomorrow so it’ll probably be another day before I can actually post much sh I T

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"Okay, I’ve been drinking holy water all day, so I think I should be able to preform the holiest of golden showers."


-Our paladin, trying to invent new ways of preforming rituals. 

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Don't kill anyone Mayumi!

"WHOOPS" - Mayumi Hanezuka during this game, probably

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The one thing… that I really… REALLY want to do is… keep up rping here.

It’s not like DA won’t be fun, but… but I really REALLY missed all my partners in the indie scene, and I don’t wanna go another month not being active….! S-so… so I’ll do my absolute best!

Frankly, I don’t wanna part from all these friends longer than I already have.

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I looked at the literal first page of people I’m following and no I can’t do it I CAN’T UNFOLLOW YOU NOT EVEN ONE OF YOU

Luckily, it’s not nearly as hard to hop on here when I’m not playing a different character, so hopefully Mayooms can keep up indie adventures~

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SO UH… NEEDLESS TO SAY, I’ve got a bit of cleaning up to do!

I don’t want to unfollow a ton of people but the time might come to part for a bit… though I’ll definitely be keeping a list of everyone who I end up leaving for a bit, so I can come back~!

Though I’ll figure all that out tomorrow. Might make a new blog, too. IT’S LATE I HAVE WORK SO NIGHT NERDS~<3

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THERE SHE IS... ON THE DOUBT ROSTER. Congrats! I'm sure Mayumi will be an incredibly part of the newest game!

I’ll do my best to make this next round a fun one for everyone!!!

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Congrats to everyone who got into Doubt~! Everyone worked really proud, and no matter what, I’m definitely really proud of you!

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If I fail to make it into DA4, I’ll be consoling myself with Watersports.

Coincidentally, if I make the cut, I’ll also be celebrating with Watersports.

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Here I am

Rock me like a hurricane